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The world has changed...

We have now become a digital society and there is no turning back.

Many are embracing change and taking definite steps to design a new life for themselves

More and more people are finding their path to greater happiness.

Increasing and expanding the value they give to others

Learning to create automated digital income streams.

Earning the freedom to focus on the greatest thing they can possibly imagine.

That's What Affiliate Marketing Is All About

About Dave

I was born and raised in Jamaica Queens surrounded by musicians. All through my high school years the vision was to play saxophone professionally.  Once family responsibility placed demands on me, a decision to take a 6 month course in computer programming led me to become a Managing Director of IT on Wall Street.

Having suffered financial loss after a painful divorce, digital marketing became the pathway to recovery back in 2012.  Overwhelmed with desperation, hacking my way through the internet jungle, it took several years of soul-searching, but I eventually fell in love with the idea of being a Part-Time Affiliate.

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