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How 38 Years As An Employee Has Changed My Life

Over the last 38 years, I have been working as a software developer, but if you had asked me what I was going to be during high school, it would have seemed like a dumb question.  From the time my brother taught me how to play the saxophone around 12 years old, there was nothing more I wanted to do than be a musician.  You may be wondering what happened to lead me down such a different path, but life being what it is, we are constantly called upon to adapt to changing circumstances. 

Little did I know that spending so many years, using my creativity to design software systems would put me in a position to create a whole new way of life.  Obviously, there was no way to see past that horizon, but following the path that unfolded has enabled me to conceive the idea of being a Part-Time Affiliate.  

On the surface, this might seem to be about affiliate marketing, but in reality, digital marketing is only part of the story.  The real objective is to achieve something much much bigger than that.  The purpose now is to put together a set of applications as a system for automating value streams so we don’t have to trade so much time to earn income needed to support our lifestyle.  

The vision of the Part-Time Affiliate system is to create financial security and freedom.  To enable individuals to create a situation where they can spend the majority of their time engaged in higher pursuits.  Developing their gifts.  Spending more time focusing on the greatest thing you can possibly imagine yourself contributing to the world.  Becoming the best version of who it is possible for us to be. In other words, freedom doesn’t come for free.  With freedom comes responsibility.  The responsibility to make a greater contribution.  To deliver more value into the world.

I’m sure that some people reading this might think this to be a bit extreme.  What that means is that this message is not meant for everyone.  It’s meant for the person who has a strong desire to do something greater with their lives because that’s the kind of motivation that is needed to achieve success.

Now, if that makes sense, then I am anxious to engage more with you.  If it sounds like meaningless crap, then I wish you the best.  We are brought up to believe in the 40/40 plan.  You know, go to college, get a good job, work 40 hours a week, save money and after 40 years, retire and finally get to do what you wanted to do your whole life.  Society conditions us to believe this is the way.  Unfortunately, the average American reaches retirement age with something between $1,000 – $12,000 to their name.  Sad, but true.

When I first started to explore the world of online marketing, I got lost in the internet jungle.  Honestly, I had no idea what this was all about.  My goal was simply to find a way to make money.  Having suffered a financial loss several years ago, I realized it would not be possible to retire on the savings I had time left to accrue so making more money was the attraction.  Then, upon meeting the right people who could mentor me, it became apparent that a great deal of motivation was necessary to develop the skills and achieve the personal growth that is the real basis for successfully building my own business.

So is this just about the money or the lifestyle?  Is it about being a consumer or a producer?  Is it about simply helping oneself or using your talents to help others? Having spent almost 40 years as an employee, using technology to solve complex business problems for major investment banking institutions, has helped me to recognize a greater purpose.  To help entrepreneurs automate their business to achieve financial security and freedom.  Helping others to have more time to spend engaged with their true passion.  Achieving this lofty goal for myself enables me to spend a major part of my time inspiring others through music.  Frankly, it doesn’t get better than this…

So if being a Part-Time Affiliate sounds like a good thing to you, send me a message to let me know.  If you want to learn more, stay plugged in.

Affiliate Marketing Benefits

The Many Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

There are so many benefits to affiliate marketing and creating a strong affiliate program. Doing this means you pay for results, rather than advertising that may or may not target your market. When you include an affiliate marketing program as part of your advertising plan you are sure to receive directed advertising that works, and if it does not work then you don't pay for it. That is what affiliate advertising is all about, paying for effective advertising. The great thing also is that you decide what type of advertising is effective and reaches your market and what does not. You can choose between an email lead, actual sale, a new subscriber to your newsletter, or even a download of a particular product. All of these are measurable ways to determine how your affiliate plan is working and what type of advertising is resulting as a consequence. You only pay your affiliates for advertising that is measurable and successful.


Affiliate marketers get paid per action generated

Paying your affiliates is up to you as well, or at least how you pay them. You might choose to pay your affiliates a percentage of the sale or a fee for finding a new client, the way you pay your affiliates is up to you and should work. Remember, however, your affiliates are working for results and do not get paid unless they obtain the results you are looking for. Because of this your affiliates will work harder to make their commissions! 

Also, you don't mind paying your affiliates for their hard work when you are receiving truly direct advertising with results so the affiliate marketing program is the best way to advertise because it is successful and you only pay for what works not to mention as your affiliates grow you receive more advertising and increased sales.

With an affiliate marketing program you also develop a network of individuals working solely to promote your product. This network grows and grows and becomes larger and more powerful each day. Each new affiliate adds a link to your website, which simply increases your target market . So, each new affiliate allows your targeted market to grow larger in an exponential manner and reach unlimited amounts of individuals all over the web and the globe. Also, with each new link your website will rank higher in search engines so you not only increase your market, but you also increase your search engine results. The amount of websites linking to your site as a result of your affiliates means exposure and the more exposure you have the more results your targeted marketing and advertising plan will receive. An affiliate program truly is the perfect answer to your advertising needs and is affordable as well.

Nobody wants to pay for a service or product they are not receiving, even when advertising is concerned. You would not expect to go to the grocery store and pay for food items you did not receive and as such you should not use advertising that does not deliver results. For too long advertisers have sold their services without providing true results to clients, however with an affiliate marketing program you will not have this problem.

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketer network

Affiliate marketing has changed the world of advertising and it makes sense. You pay for the advertising your receive, and if you don't receive any advertising then you don't pay anything at all. It really is as simple as that and because of this affiliate marketing programs are cropping up all over the Internet because people want to pay for results, and affiliates want to get results in order to get paid, so everybody wins! Finally, the affiliate marketing program provides the right answer for web advertising needs.

Affiliate marketing has changed the world of advertising and it makes sense.

Another great benefit as well is that with the affiliate marketing programs you don't receive results just one time, but potentially forever. The reason for this is because affiliates provide your link on their website in order to send traffic your way and to make money. As a direct result of this your affiliates will keep your link on their site in order to make as much money through referrals as possible. The only way an affiliate will remove your link from their site is if they decide to close their site down for whatever reason. Consequently, you receive long term marketing and exposure from every affiliate and when they send traffic that results in a measurable sale, you pay your affiliate and the process continues. It requires little effort on the part of the affiliate with big returns, so you can rest assured your affiliates will keep advertising for you indefinitely.

The relationships you build with your affiliates results in several benefits for your marketing campaign that include only paying for measurable results and fostering advertising relationships that have no definite end. So, each day and every new affiliate simply results in a larger audience being exposed to your products and services. This does not decrease because your affiliates will stay with you in order to earn their commissions and you will pay the commissions for all the actual results of the marketing campaign. There is no reason to focus all of your efforts advertising other ways when you can start an affiliate program and grow exponentially. The best way to advertise is through an affiliate marketing program, so get yours started today. There are plenty of directions and tips to get started on the Internet that will help you get your affiliate marketing program moving and start increasing your sales and improving your search rankings almost immediately.

Affiliate Marketing

Different Ranges Of Affiliate Advertising And Marketing

The benefits of affiliate advertising and marketing are more pronounced today than ever in the past. This is among the primary reasons for the tremendous appeal of associate advertising programs amongst a growing number of affiliate marketing experts.

Most recently internet technology has actually made it possible for affiliate online marketers to obtain their statistics and also income figures the moment they make an affiliate sale. It is now expected to use businesses like PayPal for settlement and also invoice processing. This has greatly increased the speed that an affiliate marketer operates at and provides a way to get paid from sellers on a continuous basis and at a constant pace perpetually sustaining their lifestyle.

Both the affiliates and the vendors have mutually become benefactors of the relationship understanding that affiliate advertising works for both of them. The vendors regard associate advertising as a possibility to advertise their products at a much lower price. On the other hand, the affiliates see associate marketing as a simple means of making revenues on-line by doing something that they like most to do.

Just as the popularity of affiliate advertising and marketing has gone into overdrive, in a similar way it is a fully accepted and beneficial service that expand the capabilities of the internet. Agree with it or not, it is one way to think about the value of digitizing the currencies. To enable all transactions to happen directly between the parties in an indelible way using blockchain. Taking all the manual processing associated with transacting in cash through intermediaries.

Imagine that, the ability to even create a digital contract which binds parties directly. With all the agreements documented digitally in an indelible way on the blockchain. Let’s face it, the speed of the internet is increasing.
It’s about being able to digitally contract and fulfill. If the company is selling a product or service that requires a physical delivery, the increasing use of technology is automating more and more of the value chain. Down to drones delivering a package directly to the location of your choice.

This is also where the contribution of cloud based computing fits in. Again, the internet is increasing in power by having compute capacity added to itself. Increasing the growth of the global economy as companies expand commerce over the internet. Now the power of affiliate marketing comes into the picture. The affiliate is promoting the expansion of the internet. As a compensation for that service, they are paid a commission. Getting paid digitally from a growing number companies utilizing digital marketing.

Internet capabilities are expanding through the use of cloud computing

As the internet expands, the transactions per second result in producing an unlimited amount of income for the advertiser. This is also why it is possible to run an affiliate business part-time. Because it is possible to set up multiple affiliate relationships and promote as many products as needed to generate the amount of income desired. This enables people to devote more time to the activities they are most passionate about. They have automated the way they earn income to spend more time enjoying their chosen lifestyle.

Associate advertising is no longer just an additional technique merchants use as part of their business. Affiliate advertising is now a powerful way for companies to expand their business. Especially when one considers how the ability to drive traffic organically reduces the cost of advertising while increasing product exposure.

Affiliate marketing is arguably the digitization of advertising. Leveraging technology to reduce advertising costs. The affiliate uses the internet to promote a company or a product and has commissions automatically paid on a continuous basis. For this reason, online marketing is becoming a very attractive way to earn an income because it promises freedom as a reward for adopting a digital lifestyle and progress beyond manual labor. Content generators must continually increase the value they provide to a given market in order to sustain their business.

And there are so many ways that content can be monetized. Given the options what types of affiliate marketing function best is dependent on the online marketer. What are the differences in associate advertising programs? Are the repayments from these programs the same? How do you choose between them?

The main category of affiliate marketing programs falls under 2 groups: pay-per-click (PPC), and pay-per-performance (PPP).

1. Pay Per Click (PPC) - PPC is one of the most prominent kinds of affiliate advertising and marketing for associates with tiny websites, as well as most likely the simplest means for them to generate income. In this affiliate advertising and marketing type, the seller pays his associate whenever a visitor is referred to his website, that is whenever someone clicks through the vendor's banner or text ads. The associate earns money a specific amount, even if the site visitor he referred does not acquire anything from the seller's site. However, common costs for Pay Per Click affiliate programs are tiny, normally not exceeding a buck for each click.

2. Pay Per Performance (PPP) - PPP affiliate advertising is well suited as among sellers and also is also one of the most fulfilling kind for the associates. In this kind of affiliate program, the seller pays the affiliate just when his referral takes an action - that is whenever the visitor he has actually referred buys something from the merchant's website or when the site visitor becomes a lead. This suggests that the merchant conserves a whole lot on his own straight advertising efforts. On the other hand, this type of affiliate marketing comes to be economically most fulfilling for the dedicated affiliate, for payments in PPP associate advertising typically comes in the array of 15% to 30% of the real item sales. And, when it comes to e-products or e-goods, the affiliate compensation can go as high as 70 - 75% of the sale.

Pay-per-performance affiliate advertising and marketing can additionally be identified into two kinds: pay-per-sales (PPS) as well as pay-per-lead (PPL). Both are very prominent.

a) Pay Per Sale (PPS) - In a pay-per-sale sort of associate marketing, the vendors pay the associate a specific percentage of the sale whenever the visitor he has directed to the seller's website purchases something from the vendor. Affiliates are generally paid on percentage basis or with some vendors they are paid a fixed amount. The company establishes their affiliate payment schedule, but no matter what the basis may be, the payment to the affiliate is generally more than what is earned in a pay-per-click associate program.

b) Pay Per Lead (PPL) - The pay-per-lead kind of associate advertising is a slight variant of the PPS kind and also is often utilized by companies that rely upon leads for their business to expand. In this sort of associate marketing, the associate is paid whenever the visitor he directed to the seller's website fills an application or provides other types of information to a company. Compensation for this sort of associate advertising is often based upon a fixed fee. Typically, the sales conversion rate is the highest when it comes to PPL, because, the visitor is not required to purchase anything. Instead they complete an application or subscribe to a newsletter, etc.

Other than these three specific types of affiliate marketing, a great deal of other associate advertising types exist. If the category is based on the depth of the associate network, it can be categorized as single-tier, two-tier, and also multi-tier associate marketing program. There is additionally one more sort of associate advertising and marketing that pays the affiliate each time the customer he has referred acquires something from the seller's website.

Single-Tier, Two-Tier, and Multi-Tier Affiliate Marketing

These types of affiliate advertising and marketing are based upon the various ways affiliates are paid.

A) Single Tier - In a single-tier associate advertising program, the associates are just paid based on the straight sales or website traffic he has directed to the seller. Pay per sale, Pay per Lead and Pay per click methods full under the single-tier category.

B) Two Tier - In two-tier affiliate advertising and marketing programs, the affiliates are not only paid for the traffic or sales that he directly sends to the sellers site, but also on website traffic or sales referred by other associates that signed up as sub-affiliates of the above affiliate marketer.

C) Multi-Tier - Multi-tier associate advertising functions similarly, although the associate obtains added commission for even more variety of levels of associates in different rates in the associate network.

D) Residual Earnings Associate Marketing - In this type, aside from the affiliate making money for every single client he has actually referred the merchant's site, the associate is likewise paid whenever the customer he has referred returns to the seller's website and purchases additional products. Compensation for such kind of associate advertising and marketing is based on either percentage of sales or based upon fixed charge.

Every affiliate marketer discovers that these different associate marketing techniques function differently. An associate marketing expert apply multiple approaches as well as decide which will work best. With so many options available, it requires continuous testing to determine how best to optimize the advertising campaigns, but the benefits of affiliate marketing span a broad range.